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Smart indoor siren for your home.

You can use Z-Wave technology to make your home smarter. You can use Z-Wave technology to make your home more secure. And you can use the Siren 6 to make your home smarter, safer and more secure.

Siren 6 for security.

Whether remotely monitored or self-monitored, Siren 6 is the perfect indoor siren for a Z-Wave security system. In the event of an intrusion or burglary detected by a certain number of Z-Wave sensors, the Siren 6 can emit one of the 15 preconfigured tones at a maximum sound level of 110 decibels.

Siren 6 for safety.

Enhanced with Z-Wave technology, the Siren 6 is not just a part of your home's security system, but also part of your home's security system. In case of emergency, or if you need to be notified, the Siren 6 can be used as an additional loudspeaker for other connected devices, including Z-Wave smoke and leak detectors.

Siren 6 for more.

The Siren 6 is really the most connected alert system of the Z-Wave ecosystem. Easy to set up as a siren, it's just as easy to turn it into a bell. Combined with an optional accessory, the button, the Siren 6 will offer the same features as the Aeotec Z-Wave Doorbell 6.

110dB speaker.

The Siren 6's breathtaking 110dB loudspeaker is your home's first line of defense in the event of an intrusion. If this is too much for your needs, the Siren 6 can be configured to sound 80 to 110 dB.

Visual alerts.

If the audio alerts fail to catch your attention, the visual alerts of the Siren 6 will know it. Each siren has several strobe LEDs integrated into its face, able to visually warn you of an incident with 1,000 lumens of light.

Backup battery.

Sometimes emergencies happen when your power is off. Sometimes it is the urgency that causes it, for example an intruder preparing to enter. The Siren 6 includes a built-in, constant-charge backup battery, which means it can run for up to 4 hours, even in the event of a power failure.

Z-Wave Plus S2.

That's why the safety of your Siren 6 is also beneficial. Using Aeotec's exclusive combination of Z-Wave Plus and S2, the Siren 6 offers 3 different wireless security levels to prevent hacking and intruder interference.

On electrical outlet.

No complex wiring. No expensive installation. Configuring the Siren 6 could not be simpler. Select the desired location in your home, plug it into a nearby power outlet, and then sync it with your Z-Wave system.


Once configured, installing the Siren 6 can be as simple as placing it on a shelf. It can also be secured and locked in place on a surface, such as a wall or ceiling, using the wall mounting plate and screws provided.



  • Z-Wave siren
  • Visual and audio alerts
  • Small, discreet and aesthetic
  • OTA update of the firmware
  • Supports S2 security framework
  • Low battery detection
  • Supports up to 3 buttons
  • Multiple built-in sounds, up to 30
  • Adjustable volume
  • Easy installation and use



  • Power Supply: 5VDC / 3.7V 400mAh Rechargeable Battery Adapter
  • Battery life: 2 years
  • Maximum power consumption in standby: 0.7W
  • Frequency: 868.42 MHz
  • Transmission distance: 150m outdoors
  • Maximum volume: 105dB from 5cm
  • Dimensions: 76 x 76 x 38.5 mm
  • IP protection: IP20


Compatibilidade controlador principal
Fibaro Home Center 2 v4.160
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IP Rating
Explorer Frames - NWI Support
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Z-Wave Alliance Product Link
S2 Security Frame
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