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Z-Wave has finally made it to Mac OS X. Indigo 6, the latest version of our Home Automation Server for the Mac platform, now supports Z-Wave devices worldwide as one of our built-in technologies. Indigo is the best selling Mac-based software in the home automation market with features that rival the high-end software on other platforms.

Indigo is available in Pro and Lite versions.. Indigo Pro supports 3rd party plugins, scripting, unlimited devices, and more complex controlling logic and scheduling. The Lite version is for more modest needs. See the version comparison chart for details below.

Indigo 6  supports Z-Wave, INSTEON (North America only), and X10 in both versions, and for Indigo Pro users It has 60+ plugins available to significantly expand compatible hardware. Some popular plugins are: Philips Hue, Nest Thermostats, RFXCOM transceivers, alarm panels from DSC and Honeywell, various location and presence tracking, etc. See the full list on Perceptive Automation website.


You can test Indigo 6 in 30 days trial version:


In addition there is  a free iOS client application, Indigo Touch, which allows users secure and seamless access to their automation system from anywhere in the world. For those without iOS devices, it is also provided web access from any browser on any platform. Indigo has been on the market over 10 years and theyhave a proven track record of providing solutions in a very easy to use package. Together tie Perceptive Automation, We are also committed to providing the most responsive customer support in the industry as that’s key to creating a loyal customer base.

Note: To Control your devices, your MAC have to be on 24x7 




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