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XeeCONNECT, the connected box!

Your car speaks to you in real time and when you want with XeeCONNECT. Connected in your car, XeeCONNECT transmits the data to your smartphone and remotely thanks to its GPRS connection, without any subscription fee.

XeeCONNECT has an accelerometer to detect shocks on the car and a geolocation system. XeeCONNECT has been approved by the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy in accordance with UNECE Regulation No. 10 on electromagnetic compatibility, through the UTAC (Union Technique de l'Automobile de la motocycle And the Cycle).

Xee secures my car

I remotely and permanently control my car: GPS position, door lock, fuel level, motion detection. From now on, my car warns me!

Xee protects my loved ones

An accident, a problem, a malaise, Xee sends a sms to my friends. Position GPS, type of problem ... From now on, my loved ones leave the free spirit!

Xee evolves

Discover the application store to better live your car! From now on, my car is connected!

Note: XeeCONNECT plugs into the diagnostic socket, either Plug & Go or hidden mounting through a professional (paying service, see


  • Locate your car in real time
  • Receive alerts if your car is mobile
  • Receive alerts if your car comes out of a perimeter of use
  • Share the position of your vehicle by SMS
  • Alert by SMS your contacts with your location
  • Automatically alert your contacts to your location in case of violent shocks
  • Free iOS and Android apps
  • Compatible with most cars put into service after 2002
  • Compatible with Jeedom and eedomus home automation boxes


  • Black color
  • Power Supply: 12V
  • Connections: 2G / GPRS
  • Installation: Plugs into the diagnostic socket
  • Dimensions: 9.7 x 6 x 2.5 cm
  • Weight: 113 g


Compatibilidade controlador principal
eeDomus+ Full Compatible
Fibaro Home Center 2 v4.160 Not Tested
Fibaro Home Center Lite v.4.160 Not Tested
Vera Edge / Plus / Secure Full Compatible
Zipabox/Zipaminicro/ZipaTile Not Tested
Piper / Piper NV (v.1.7.1) Not Tested
Indigo Not Tested
jeedom Full Compatible / Z-Way / PoPP Hub Not Tested
Domoticz Not Tested
ZiHome Not Tested
Tech Data
Power Supply 12V


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